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[PROFILE] Teen Top Profile

Teen Top

~ Member Profile ~

Stage Name: C.A.P

Birth Name: Bang Min Soo

Position: Leader, Main Rapper

Date of Birth: November 4, 1992

Height: 178 cm

Other: * Known as “Charisma Rapper”

* Hobbies are designing, drawing and excercising

* Specializes in making lyrics and raps

* Attends Seongnam Information Industry High School, on his 3rd grade.

* Did some raps for his audition.

Stage Name: Chunji

Birth Name: Lee Chan Hee

Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual

Date of Birth: October 5, 1993

Height: 173 cm

Other: * Known as “Power Voice”

* Loves to do puzzles and read books

* Enjoys imitating people or things

* Attending Seongji High School, on his 2nd year

Stage Name: L. Joe

Birth Name: Lee Byung Hun

Position: Lead Rapper, Face of The Group

Date of Birth: November 23, 1993

Height: 171 cm

Other: * Known as the “Rascal/Mischievous Rapper”

* His hobby is acting

* His specialties are English, playing piano and music composition

* For his audition, he rapped to Chris Brown’s “Run It” and Epik High’s “Fly” at Lotte World

* Attending Korea Arts High School, on his 1st year

Stage Name: Niel

Birth Name: Ahn Daniel

Position: Main Vocalist

Date of Birth: August 16, 1994

Height: 177 cm

Other: * Known as the “Emotional Vocals”

* His hobby is listening to music

* He loves to play soccer

* For his audition, he sung SHINee’s “Replay” and danced to Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow”

* Attending Heungjin High School, on his 1st year

Stage Name: Ricky

Birth Name: Yoo Chang Hyun

Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Date of Birth: February 27, 1995

Height: 172 cm

Other: * Known as the “Lovely Boy”

* His hobbies are watching movies and playing the piano

* His specialty is acting

* Attending Namgang Middle School, on the 3rd year

Stage Name: Changjo

Birth Name: Choi Jong Hyun

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

Date of Birth: November 16, 1995

Height: 177 cm

Other: * Known as the “Dancing Boy”

* His hobbies are choreographing and listening to music

* His specialty is self defense

* Danced to Black Eyed Pea’s “Boom Boom Pow” for his audition

* Attending ChunCheon Soyang Middle School, on his 3rd year


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