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[INFO] Female Idol Hobbies/Specialties

Female Idol Hobbies/Specialties

A list of hobbies and specialties of female idols.

Languages are not included in this list due to the fact we already have a list for idols who are multilingual.
This list is still in-progress and will have many more singers/actresses added in the near future.

Bom – singing, dancing, listening to music, piano, flute, cello
CL – singing, dancing, rapping, writing lyrics, coloring
Dara – listening to music, internet, acting
Minzy – singing, dancing, rapping, drawing, coloring, listening to music, writing lyrics, studying production

Gayoon – singing, watching movies, writing lyrics
Hyunah – singing, rapping, popping, watching movies, taking selcas, customizing clothes, cooking
Jihyun – dancing, ballet
Jiyoon – singing, dancing, writing lyrics, cooking
Sohyun – dancing, studying, pool

Baby V.O.X
Eunhye – art, watching movies, writing letters, photography
Eunjin – watching movies, guitar, graphic design, water skiing, going to coffee shops
Heejin – watching movies, guitar, impressions
Kim EZ – traditional Korean dance, drums, collecting perfume, designing accessories
Miyeon – bass, snacking, reading poetry, listening to sad music

Bada – writing poetry

Bebe Mignon
Ben – piano, drums, cooking, traveling, bowling
Ga Eul – fashion design
Hae Geum – watching movies, ballet, modern dance, break dancing

Brown Eyed Girls
Ga In – dancing, watching movies, interior design
JeA – piano
Miryo – guitar, listening to music
Narsha – piano, collecting CDs

Chi Chi
Azi – piano
Boreum – rapping
Peach – facial expressions
Sui – listening to music, watching movies

Jaeyoon – listening to music, watching movies
Juliane – dancing, sports (soccer, swimming, cheerleading, volleyball), watching movies
Melanie – singing, dancing, painting
Min Soa – photos, movies, playing guitar
Tia –  music, dancing, taking photos

CSJH the Grace
Dana – singing, dancing, acting, flute
Lina – singing, acting, modeling, piano
Stephanie – singing, ballet, jazz dance
Sunday – singing, dancing, acting, drawing

Dal Shabet
Ahyoung – singing, dancing, watching movies, studying Roman and Greek mythology
Jiyul – dancing, street dancing, studying English
Serri – dancing, listening to music
Vikki – singing, rapping, dancing, watching movies

Haeri – singing
Minkyung – listening to music

Dia – dancing, performing, watching movies, painting

E.via – rapping, writing lyrics, composing, piano, photography, basketball, puzzles, video games

Amber – rapping, taekwondo
Krystal – dancing, acting
Luna – singing, dancing, learning Chinese, watching Chinese movies
Victoria – traditional dance, jazz dance

Girl’s Day
– Haeri:  watching movies, reading
– Jihae: traditional Korean dance, modern dance, ballet, hiking, rock climbing, exercising, yoga
– Minah: singing, piano, watching movies, acting cute, making facial experessions
– Sojin: composing, piano, painting, cleaning, searching for new music
– Yura: dancing, listening to music, painting

Hwangbo – listening to music, photography, writing letters

IU – singing, reading

Ivy – acting, photography, drawing, cooking, skating, swimming

Gyuri – singing, acting, watching movies, reading, impersonations, eating
Hara – dancing, modeling
Jiyoung – singing, listening to music, reading, acting cute, collecting dolls, writing letters
Nicole – singing, dancing, rapping, listening to music, watching movies, violin, reading, eating, cooking
Sungyeon – singing, dancing, listening to music, watching anime, reading, impersonating Gollum (Lord of the Rings), making cute noises, hugging Nicole, teaching Nicole wrong Korean words

miss A
Fei – traditional Chinese dance, jazz dance
Jia – dancing, laughing
Min – singing, dancing

Navi – performing, writing lyrics, composing, traveling, swimming, snowboarding

Nine Muses
Eunji – swimming
Hyuna – singing, dancing, violin, piano
Jaekyung – flute
Sera – piano, guitar

Leejo – dancing, piano, acting, taekwondo

Seo Inyoung – shopping, cross-stitching

Hyoyeon – dancing
Jessica – dancing, piano
Seohyun – piano, reading
Sooyoung – dancing, acting, eloquence
Sunny – sports, eloquence
Taeyeon – trot
Tiffany – flute
Yoona – acting
Yuri – dancing, acting, piano, swimming

Son Dambi – listening to music, watching movies, skating, swimming, tennis

Sori – dancing, break dancing

Ahyumi – singing, listening to music, trumpet, shopping, karate
Hyesung – shopping, looking at magazines
Jungeum – traditional Korean dance, listening to music, shopping
Sujin – listening to music, internet

Eunjung – watching movies, reading, looking at fashion magazines, taekwondo, horseback riding, pansori
Hyomin – acting, drawing, sports, cooking, photography
Jiyeon – watching movies, sports, taekwondo, cooking, sleeping

Wonder Girls
Ye Eun – composing, writing lyrics, eating



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