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[INFO] Male Idol Hobbies

Male Idol Hobbies

A list of hobbies and specialties of male idols.

Languages are not included in this list due to the fact we already have a list for idols who are multilingual.

* This list is still in-progress and will have many more singers/actresses added in the near future.

– Baekkyoung: piano, saxophone, collecting cologne, collecting CDs
– Danny: sports, watching movies, listening to music
– Jinhwan: drums, video games, collecting hip-hop stuff, dancing
– Teddy: rapping, guitar, listening to music

– Changmin: video games
– Jinwoon: drums, bass, guitar, basketball
– Jokwon: internet, watching movies, listening to music
– Seulong: shopping, watching movies, singing

– Chansung: listening to music, exercising, video games
– Junho: listening to music, watching movies, composing, reading, fashion, internet
– Junsu: composing, fashion, shopping, collecting shoes and accessories, writing, singing
– Nichkhun: piano, exercising, listening to music, watching movies, photography
– Taecyeon: listening to music, skiing, wake-boarding
– Wooyoung: dancing, listening to music, internet

– Hwarang: listening to music, aikido, taekwondo
– Kangwoo: watching movies, soccer
– Sasya: composing, writing lyrics, guitar, keyboard, drums, listening to music

– Byeonghun: listening to music, breakdancing
– Changwoo: reading novels and inspirational quotes, soccer, baseball, smiling
– Dongho: swimming, photography, window shopping, cello, ballet, walking
– Doohwan: singing, biking, dancing, exercising, reading
– Geonhee: internet, listening to movie soundtracks
– Hoyeong: basketball, acting, taekwondo
– Hyunsung: walking, kendo, watching music videos
– Jaewon: reading, shopping, kendo, photography
– Jinhong: watching movies, listening to music, hiking
– Jinwoo: watching movies, listening to music, rapping, exercising
– Sehyun: soccer, musical instruments
– Seunghwan: internet, shopping, rapping, writing lyrics, design, mountain climbing, violin
– Seunghyuk: watching movies, table tennis, badminton
– Seunghyun: exercising, reading
– Sungho: kendo, soccer, swimming, impersonations
– Sungwoo: wtching movies, listening to music, drums, bass guitar
– Taewoo: walking, photography
– Wanchul: watching movies, listening to movies, travelling, going to museums
– Yeongwon: watching movies repeatedly, listening to music repeatedly
– Yeongwook: listening to music, dancing, choreography, beat-boxing
– Yuchang: composing, writing lyrics, photography, listening to hip-hop

– Haiming: watching movies, acting
– Hanbyul: listening to music, composing, singing, reading fanfics
– Ingyu: singing, beatboxing, popping, taekwondo, swimming, rapping, composing, basketball
– Jangmoon: piano, video games, exercising, watching movies, snowboarding
– Jungjin: shopping, snowboarding, soccer, listening to music, singing, exercising, video games
– Tomo: exercising, soccer, reading manga

– Daesung: singing, dancing, gags, cooking, beatboxing
– G-Dragon: reading, watching cartoons, rapping, dancing, beatboxing, fashion, composing, writing lyrics, drawing
– Seungri: singing, dancing, learning languages
– Taeyang: listening to music, watching TV, singing, dancing, gardening
– T.O.P: rapping, beatboxing, composing, fashion, acting

Block B
– B-Bomb: dancing, piano, collecting fashion photoshoots
– Jaehyo: singing, basketball, baseball, business affairs
– Kyung: rapping, composing, internet
– P.O: rapping, composing, acting
– Taeil: singing, collecting hats, raising tropical fish
– U-Kwon: watching movies, listening to music, dancing, reading, guitar
– Zico: freestyle rapping, composing, weaving melody lines, shopping, reading, watching American comedies

Brown Eyed Soul
– Jungyeop: collecting stamps
– Noeul: drawing, collecting CDs, watching movies
– Seonghoon: piano, collecting coupons
– Youngjoon: reading comics, watching movies, basketball, judo, taekwondo, cooking

CN Blue
– Jonghyun: judo, sports, listening to music
– Jungshim: rapping, listening to music, bass
– Minhyuk: soccer, basketball, flute
– Yonghwa: listening to music, beatboxing, clarinet

Code V
– Jaewon: rapping
– Naro: internet, listening to music, piano, singing
– Sangwoo: watching movies, reading, piano, judo, taekwondo
– Sol: singing, watching movies
– Taemin: rapping, dancing, beat-boxing

– Crown J: exercising, watching movies, snowboarding, producing and composing music

– Daniel: watching movies, graffiti
– Day Day: writing, translating, rapping in English
– Inati: reading, acting
– Jisu: midi, piano
– Youngwon: watching movies, dancing

– Jungwook: watching movies
– Nuri: traveling, reading, listening to music, rap, working out
– Oh Song: listening to music, producing
– Sungwoo: watching movies, working out

Fly to the Sky
– Brian: watching movies, chatting online, collecting cologne, basketball, rapping
– Hwanhee: listening to music, watching movies, basketball, dancing, video games

– Danny: driving, listening to music, reading comics, skiing
– Hoyoung: skiing, basketball, watching movies, dancing, rapping
– Junhyung: surfing, skaetboarding, snowboarding, martial arts
– Kyesang: video games, listening to music, watching movies, repairing broken things
– Taewoo: listening to music, watching movies, dancing

LED Apple
– Hanbyul: voice impersonations, snowboarding, basketball, soccer
– Hyoseok: golf, basketball
– Keonu: composing, writing lyrics
– Kwangyeon: basketball, soccer
– Kyumin: soccer, piano
– Youngjun: thinking alone, basketball

– 5zic: listening to music, writing lyrics, movement
– Cream: listening to music, watching movies, rapping, beatboxing, writing lyrics
– Kangnam: watching movies, guitar, piano, composing, surfing, snowboarding, exercising, vocal exercises
– SIMS: watching movies, rapping, writing lyrics

– Black J: listening to music, dancing, beatboxing, shopping, soccer, basketball
– Byeol: listening to music, dancing, piano, reading, reading manga
– Eunho: acting, dancing, singing, rapping, composing, writing lyrics
– J.Heart: listening to music, watching movies, rapping, dancing, singing, sports, nagging at the members
– Jonguk: acting, shopping, playing with his dog, sleeptalking

– Rain: listening to music, watching movies, shopping, basketball, swimming

– SE7EN: listening to music, dancing, singing, basketball, snowboarding, swimming

– Jonghyun: watching movies, singing, writing lyrics, piano, composing
– Key: rapping, dancing, shopping, water skiing
– Minho: soccer, basketball, performing
– Onew: singing, piano
– Taemin: listening to music, dancing, popping, piano

– Andy: exercising, dancing, basketball, piano
– Dongwan: guitar, piano, snowboarding, in-line skating, watching movies, internet, going for walks
– Eric: rapping, snowboarding, clarinet, saxophone, drawing, video games, fishing, basketball, swimming, driving
– Hyesung: taekwondo, singing, cooking, driving
– Junjin: guitar, drums, tumbling, dancing, pool, video games, driving
– Minwoo: dancing, golf, listening to music, piano, guitar

– Hyungjun: swimming, piano, dancing, singing
– Hyunjung: piano, guitar, dancing, acting
– Jungmin: tap dancing, singing, acting
– Kyujong: magic tricks, singing, dancing
– Youngsaeng: piano, singing, dancing

Super Junior
– Donghae: dancing, exercising, singing, watching movies
– Eunhyuk: dancing, exercising, listening to music
– Heechul: writing poetry, writing fairytales, video games
– Henry (Super Junior M sub-unit): dancing, popping, singing, violin
– Kangin: acting, singing, kick boxing, swimming
– Kibum: acting
– Kyuhyun: singing, listening to music, watching movies, video games
– Leeteuk: piano, composing, listening to music, singing
– Ryeowook: singing, composing
– Siwon: acting, singing, dancing, taekwondo, drums
– Shindong: gags, dancing
– Sungmin: martial arts, acting, watching movies
– Yesung: singing, listening to music, exercising
– Zhou Mi (Super Junior M sub-unit): listening to music, singing, hosting

– Da On: acting, watching movies, beatboxing
– Gunwoo: listening to music, rapping, writing lyrics
– Seungyeol: listening to music, running
– Sungwon: piano, cooking, beatboxing
– Taehyuk: dancing, swimming
– Yujun: listening to music, impersonations

Teen Top
– C.A.P: graphic design, drawing, exercising, writing lyrics, rapping
– Changjo: composing choreography, dancing, listening to music, martial arts
– Chunji: puzzles, reading, imitations
– L.Joe: piano, violin, composing, acting
– Niel: soccer, listening to music
– Ricky: watching movies, piano, acting

– Chanyang:
– Hanbi:
– Jun: basketball, snowboarding, video games
– Minchul: taking weird pictures, fashion, watching movies, surfing

– Dabin: singing, dancing
– Hanjun: guitar, singing, dancing, acting, composing
– Junyong: acting, dancing, singing
– Minseok: dancing, popping, beatboxing
– Sunwoong: basketball, soccer, piano
– Sunyong: acting, soccer
– Younghun: rapping, swimming

– AJ: computer games, travelling, piano
– Dongho: soccer, golf, baseball, listening to music, dancing, knitting
– Eli: taekwondo, kung fu, listening to music, watching movies, video games
– Hoon: taekwondo, snowboarding, wakeboarding, basketball and acting
– Kevin: guitar, piano, listening to music, composing, reading
– Kiseop: photography, video games, listening to music, taekwondo, popping, beatboxing
– Soohyun: soccer, dance, piano, exercising, listening to music, video games

– Wheesung: singing, reading manga, watching anime

– Dongjun: soccer, exercising, gymnastics, abusing older ZE:A members
– Heechul: watching movies, trumpet, soccer, video games
– Hyungshik: fencing, skiing, video games, singing
– Junyoung: bowling, soccer, watching movies, video games, running, impersonations
– Kevin: composing, shopping online, video games, cooking, rapping
– Kwanghee: photography, scuba diving, gags, fashion, bugging the living shit out of Siwan
– Minwoo: dancing, cooking, shopping
– Siwan: violin, fashion, shopping, skiing, snowboarding
– Taehun: rapping, beatboxing, exercising, listening to music, watching movies

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