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[PROFILE] Nine Muses Profile

Nine Muses

~ Member Profile ~

Birth Name: Ryu Sae Ra

Stage Name: Sera

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Birthday: October 3, 1987

Height: 170 cm

Blood Type: A

Hobby: Piano, Guitar

Specialty: English

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ryusera103

Birth Name: Moon Hyun Ah

Stage Name: Hyuna

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: January 19, 1987

Twitter: http://twitter.com/moongom119

Birth Name: Lee Hyun Joo

Stage Name: Lee Sam

Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Birthday: May 5, 1987

Height: 174 cm

Blood Type: O

Specialty: Athletics, Crafts, Fine Arts

Twitter: http://twitter.com/leesemonni

Birth Name: Lee Hye Min

Stage Name: Euaerin (pronounced as Lee Yu Ae Rin)

Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Main Rapper

Birthday: May 3, 1988

Height: 174 cm

Blood Type: O

Hobby: Ballet, DJ-ing

Specialty: Horseback Riding, Golf

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Erine0503

Birth Name: Park Eun Ji

Stage Name: Eunji

Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer

Birthday: September 27, 1988

Height: 172 cm

Blood Type: AB

Hobby: Swimming

Twitter: http://twitter.com/9m_eunji

Birth Name: Park Kyung Ri

Stage Name: Kyungri

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: June 5, 1990

Facts: The newest member who debuted with ‘News’ in 2012 comeback

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICE_Gang

Birth Name: Pyo Hye Mi

Stage Name: Hyemi

Position: Lead Vocalist

Birthday: April 3, 1991

Height: 171 cm

Blood Type: B

Twitter: http://twitter.com/hyemiiiii_

Birth Name: Park Min Ha

Stage Name: Minha

Position: Vocalist, Maknae, Face of The Group

Birthday: June 27, 1991

Height: 172 cm

Blood Type: A

Twitter: http://twitter.com/minha0627


Birth Name: Kim Ra Na

Stage Name: Rana

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Leader

Birthday: June 26, 1983

Height: 174 cm

Blood Type: A

Specialty: Painting

Birth Name: Lee Hye Bin

Stage Name: Bini

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: November 13, 1985

Height: 173 cm

Blood Type: B

Hobby: Reading, Watching Movies

Specialty: Golf, Ski, Playing Janggu

Birth Name: Jung Seo Young

Stage Name: Jaekyung

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: September 9, 1987

Height: 174 cm

Blood Type: O

Specialty: Flute


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