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Blind – TRAX

Blind – TRAX


nae-ge meoril gidaeko mul-kkeureomi parabo-wado moreujyo
du pa-reul yeo-reo boimyeon shiwonhada marhamyeonseodo moreujyo

tumyeong-han na-ijiman ne ape seoit-janha
ne nuneun nal neomeo chyeodabol ppuniya

* dan han beon-man han beon-man nal chajabwah jebal
heuneukgimyeon deouk heuneukgil-surok
tumyeong-haejyeoman ganeunde
jugeul mankeum kanjeorhan nae gidoye kkeu-te
nae pume kajil su itke
ojing neomani chachajundamyeon

hyippuyeon gyeoul seorie nae ma-eumeul keuryeo boyeodo moreujyo
heutppurin bisbangul mo-wa nun-mul daeshin heullyeo bo-wado moreujyo

cha-ga-un na-ijiman neol hyang-hae heureu-chanha
nemonan nal hangsang won-mang-hal ppuniya


keumi ka be-igo nae shimjangi da kkaejigo
keochil-ke nari seon kkeu-te Oh
jo-gakjo-gag buseojin geuddaen nal bo-ge twehl tende

** anboini ireohke neol sarang-hajanha
hankuseo-ge nameun neoye jimundo
jidokhi arosaegin chae
jugeul mankeum kkamahke meongdeun gaseumso-geul
kkeonae da boyeojwo-nneunde
keujeo chang bakgi chirheuk kat-dan neo

anboini geujeo chang bakgi chirheuk kat-dan neo
hayeomeobshi geujeo chang bakngman paraboneun neo



I do not know me, my head leaning seniors have overlooked
That is cool, open their arms while I do not know if you see
‘re Standing in front of a transparent, but not your age
It’s your eyes stare beyond me.
* Please find me one time only once.
More heuneukkilsurok heuneukkimyeon
Going transparent jyeoman
Desperate enough to die at the end of my prayer
Able to have my arms
But if you’re the only one who can only find
Blurred by frost in winter may seem to draw my heart I do not know.
Maybe instead of tears shed boahdo heutppurin collected rain
Flowing towards you, but it’s a cool age
It’s always blame me square
Cracked it slipped and cut my heart is breaking
Oh rough day at the end of the line
Would be broken into pieces, you see me then.
** Security initiators so you’re in love
Remaining in a corner of your fingerprint
Less bloody spangled
Black bruise on my heart to death.
Showed that it was out of
Jet just outside the window, you know, story
Are not see it filled you just dark outside the window
You just look at the window endlessly bakman


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