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[info] 2008 Debuts

2008 Debuts

A list of all debuts made during the year 2008.

Group/Singer’s Name; “Debut Song”

    – Debut date:  
    – Debut performance date:
    – Company: 

Debut dates are listed as the dates the album or the single was released. 
Performance dates are included only if they are known.

January – March (Top)

Peter; “Showman”
   – Debut date:  January 2nd
   – Debut performance date: January 31st
   – Company: Pan Entertainment
JOO; “Because Of A Man”
    – Debut date:  January 10th
    – Company: JYP Entertainment 
deeVine; “I Can Show”
    – Debut date:  January 25th
    – Company: SJgRoove Music 
Miracle; “More You Become Mine”
    – Debut date:  February 1st
    – Company: Starmaker Entertainment 
Davichi; “I Love You Even Though I Hate You”
   – Debut date: February 4th
    – Debut performance date: 
    – Company: Core Contents Media
Kang Hyun Joo; “Even If I Heard The Name (feat Gil Me)”
    – Debut date: February 12th
    – Company: OpenWorld Entertainment 
Wink; “Soulmates”
    – Debut date: February 12th
    – Company: Inwoo Production 
Ajoo; “1st Kiss”
    – Debut date:  February 18th
    – Debut performance date: 
    – Company: Lion Media 

April – June (Top)

Moon Ji Eun; “I Don’t Know”
    – Debut date: April 4th
    – Company: Starship  Entertainment 
Navi; “I Love You (feat. Tablo)
    – Debut date: April 4th
    – Company: ITM Entertainment 
Triple Effect; “I Want To Make Up”
    – Debut date: April 17th
    – Company: Wired Music 
Mario; “Goodbye”
    – Debut date: April 18th
    – Debut performance date: April 25th
    – Company: PlayCube Entertainment 
AST’1; “”
    – Debut date: April 24th
    – Debut performance date: 
    – Company: DSP Media 
Alex; “Flowerpot”
    – Debut date: May 6th
    – Company: Fluxus 
Sunday Brunch; “200km/h”
    – Debut date: May 7th
    – Company: Yedang Entertainment 
Taeyang; “Look Only At Me”
    – Debut date: May 22nd
    – Debut performance date: 
    – Company: YG Entertainment 
SHINee; “Nunan Neomu Yeppeo” 
    – Debut date: May 23rd
    – Debut performance date: 
    – Company: SM Entertainment 
H7美人-The B; “b LOVE (So Baby)”
    – Debut date: May 26th
    – Company: BK Entertainment 
T.G.U.S; “I Believe In”
    – Debut date:  June 10th
    – Company: Manatee Entertainment 
Oh Song; “I Beg You, Summer”
    – Debut date: June 17th
    – Company: Sponge Entertainment 
Solbi; “Cute Love”
    – Debut date: June 19th
    – Debut performance date: 
    – Company: Trifecta Entertainment 

July – September;(Top)

Sweety; “So Sweet”
    – Debut date: July 7th
    – Company: Basic Entertainment 
2AM; “This Song”
    – Debut date:  July 21
    – Debut performance date: 
    – Company: Daebak Entertainment 
Dragon N Tiger; “Two People and Thereafter”
    – Debut date: August 18th
    – Debut performance date: August 12th
    – Company: Orange Entertainment
Smash; “Emergency”
    – Debut date:  August 20th
    – Debut performance date: August 14th
    – Company: TN Entertainment 
Zudy; “Just Encore”
    – Debut date: August 21st
    – Debut performance date: August 11th 
    – Company: Mahana Entertainment 
Wind’A Spring; “The Parting I Couldn’t Catch”
    – Debut date:  August 21st
    – Company: YD Production 
U-KISS; “Not Young” 
    – Debut date:  September 3rd
    – Debut performance date: August 28th
    – Company: NH Media 
2PM; “10 Points Out of 10 Points”
    – Debut date:  September 4th
    – Debut performance date: 
    – Company: JYP Entertainment 
Lee Bul; “Forever”
    – Debut date: September 10th
    – Company: 
IU; “Mia”
    – Debut date:  September 24th
    – Company: Loen Entertainment

October – December (Top)

Black; “Heart, Stop”
    – Debut date:  October 15th
    – Company: WANG Entertainment 
YMGA; “Tell It To My Heart (feat. Uhm Jung Hwa)”
    – Debut date:  October 19th
    – Debut performance date: 
    – Company: YG Entertainment 
M.I.S.O; “Say It Say It”
    – Debut date: October 24th  
    – Company: Nuriman Pictures 
XING; “Memorize”
    – Debut date: October 29th
    – Debut performance date: December 14th
    – Company: Xing Entertainment
Miru; “Going To The Hospital”
    – Debut date: October 31st
    – Debut performance date: November 14th
    – Company:  Chani Production 
Tension; “Love You”
    – Debut date:  November 11th
    – Company: W Entertainment 
Woong2Ne; “Only If I Have You”
    – Debut date: November 18th
    – Company:  
The Couple; “Look At Me (feat. D.Seo)”
    – Debut date:  November 19th
    – Company: Star Com
Vanhaja; “Comeback”
   – Debut date: December 15th, 2008
   – Debut performance date: December 17th, 2008
   – Company: STAREAST Entertainment

source: kpoplist


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